Creativity is the root of

Innovation by definition will not be accepted at first. It takes repeated attempts, endless demonstrations, monotonous rehearsals before innovation can be accepted and internalized by an organization. This requires courageous patience.

Entrepreneurship & Innovation Club

This organization at the University of Colombo provides guidance and support to undergraduates who are willing to be innovators and entrepreneurs. We are striving to create a platform for undergraduates with different academic backgrounds and unique sets of skills to get together and work in collaboration as multidisciplinary groups.

We serve the community through 6 departments

Department of Entrepreneurship

Department of Entrepreneurship facilitate activities towards entrepreneurship and innovation

Department of Business Development

Business Development is mainly involved in engaging the club with the outside world, in terms of building monetary, sponsorship and opportunistic relationships with businesses and or individuals.

Department of Social Responsibilities

Corporate social responsibility refers to a concept that aims to provide a positive influence on the world socially, environmentally, and economically. So, the corporate social responsibility department is here to bring out the voluntary projects that contribute to create beneficial outcomes for the community.

Department of Technology

Marketing Department serves as the face of the club, promoting events, managing social media, and reaching out to the community.

Department of E-Commerce

E-commerce is defined as a business that takes place electronically, generally over the Internet. So every entrepreneur or an innovator needs to sell their product or service through the internet, this is the department that provides knowledge about e-commerce.

Department of Media and Marketing

The official media team of EI Club. The department of media handles all the graphic designing and videography related projects and necessities within the club.

How Did We Start?

In the year 2019, along with the EC 2020 course (Enterprise, Entrepreneurship, and Innovations), we laid the basis for EI Club with a bunch of business and innovation enthusiasts in the Faculty of Science.

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Our Mission

We aim to lend our aspiring undergraduates a helping hand with resources, knowledge and mentorship to cultivate their interests in innovation and execution of their ideas to transform them into future entrepreneurs.

Our Vision

We strive to provoke entrepreneurship through innovation and professionalism to improve the economic, environmental, and social development of the community and country.

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Our Previous Projects

METAplus workshop series